The End trimming and server maintenance (41 comments)

Added by Rodzyn 12 months ago

This weekend I'm going to perform map trimming in The End. Like in the past, I'm basically going to remove everything in The End that's further away than 10k blocks away from the point 0,0. I don't expect any issues for anyone who logs out in the area affected by the purge because Essentials plugin should prevent any issues but I still suggest leaving The End before weekend and not setting you home there.
I'll also bring the Minecraft server for 30min - 2h maintenance around the same time.
I don't know exact time and day all this will happen but I'll send a message on Discord and Minecraft few hours before it will happen.

Tree chopping plugin change (93 comments)

Added by Rodzyn 12 months ago

Tree chopping plugin we've used on the server for a while (TreeAssist) has been discontinued. Authors of the plugin decided to completely rework their entire library of plugins and business model. Old plugin, while still working, throws up a lot of connection errors so I decided to switch to the new plugin made by the same authors.

New plugin is called UltimateTimber
New command to toggle it is '/ut toggle' but old command '/treeassist toggle' will also work.
Like TreeAssist, the plugin is temporarily disabled while sneaking which allows you to quickly and safely remove a block without the need to use a command.

Change will take place during the next automatic restart of the server (3:00 UTC, 5th June 2019)

If you've got any problems with the new plugin, please let me know.

1.12.2 Update Completed (42 comments)

Added by Rodzyn almost 2 years ago

The update is finally finished. There might be few small glitches here and there that I wasn't able to spot during testing so don't hesitate to send ticket if you find something.
Have fun looking for parrots!

1.12.2 Update (14/07/2018) (39 comments)

Added by Rodzyn almost 2 years ago

Hello everyone!
On Saturday 14 I will roll out the update to 1.12.2. Expect server to be down for few hours as I move all files around, double check config files etc.
You might see server appearing and disappearing on your list as multiple restarts might be necessary.
I will try to update the Hub first for those who want to just hang out there while waiting for Minionland and Farlands to come online.
Hopefully the transition will go quickly and smoothly.

1.12.2 Public testing (108 comments)

Added by Rodzyn about 2 years ago

Public test server for 1.12.2 is now available. Use following address to connect to it:
Please report any issues you find on redmine, as a ticket category select 'update'.
I'll keep the test server running for several weeks to ensure the update doesn't introduce any major problems.

1.12 Update Statement (76 comments)

Added by Rodzyn almost 3 years ago

I realise that after recent 1.12 version of Minecraft release, many people are curious whether Minionland will be updated.
I can't give definite answer as some variables are outside of my control. All I can say that I'd like to update the server at some point in the future but all plugins we're currently using on the server must be updated first and confirmed to be in a stable versions.
Long story short, hopefully we'll update but it might take months.

The End replenishing program (41 comments)

Added by Rodzyn about 3 years ago

Shulker shells and Elytras are non-replenishable resource found in End Cities. In multiplayer server that means as time goes on, new players have to go further and further to be able to acquire them. This is problematic for players but also for the server that has limited storage capacity.
Today a solution has been put in place. End Cities within 5k radius from coordinates 0,0 in the End will now spawn chests with loot which you can collect.
Drops will happen approx. every 6 hours. Loot in each create is randomised out of possible items: Elytra, Shulker Shells and Dragon Head.
Hope this will help out people who were too late for the initial shulker/elytra rush and have to travel over 100k blocks away from portal to find anything.
Additionally the End will now have border at 5.5k radius to prevent unnecessary use of server storage space.

Disclaimer: Rewards and frequency of drops are to be considered in flux and might change as feedback is provided and more data is collected.

Animal limit increase (49 comments)

Added by Rodzyn over 3 years ago

Farm animal limits in Minionland has been increased to 12
Amount of horses you can claim with ZHorse plugin has been increased to 20


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