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Ping/ Connection Issues

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Lag / Low TPS
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For almost two years now I've had an average ping of about 180 and maybe half a dozen kicks from the server. I know since I'm from the NA not to expect as good a ping or connection, but at the very least it's been consistent. However, the last few months the server has become virtually unplayable. Some days I can't even connect, others the average ping swings from 700 to 7000. I've died several times due to it. I know a few other players from the NA area have had similar issues. I'm not what, if anything can be done, but at this point I cannot play anymore, furthermore I have no way of preserving the years of work I've done here. I've not said anything, hoping the issue would resolve, but if anything it seems to be getting worse. I appreciate everything the mod team has done to support us over the years, and understand if this is simply something out of your control, but I was encouraged to at least mention it.



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I should have more time during Christmas break and right after New Year so I'll spend some time trying to find out what's going on. So far I've had problems replicating any of the lag issues and it doesn't look like there's any problem with the Minecraft server itself. I will at some point shut the MC servers off and do some system checks to make sure everything is sound.


Updated by Brinicio47 5 months ago

Of course, busy time of year ^ Ty in advance for when you are able to check.


Updated by Rodzyn 5 months ago

I have done some maintenance over last few days. Let me know if anything I've done so far helped with the latency issues.


Updated by Brinicio47 4 months ago

It seems whatever the issue is, it can't be resolved on either in and lies somewhere in the middle, probably in the ocean, being chewed on by whales. I really appreciate you trying though.

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